Wills and Powers of Attorney


Wills and Powers of Attorney Package

A complete estate planning package costs $275 for a married couple and $225 for a single individual. The package includes a Will, Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney.

If you die without a Will, the intestacy law of Pennsylvania will determine how your estate should be distributed. If you are not familiar with and do not understand the law of intestate distribution, it would make no sense to assume the law will do what you want it to do. These laws could also change in the future.

The Power of Attorney you will receive will be current as per the most recent changes under Pennsylvania law that were enacted to go into effect on January 1, 2016. Under your Power of Attorney, you decide on who the person will be and who will be in charge if you are incapacitated and/or need assistance with making decisions or taking actions.

A Living Will or Advanced Directive will provide instructions for your doctors and family about your wishes about the type of treatment and medical care you want to receive if you become unable to communicate such decisions and there is no hope of a recovery in the event you have a terminal condition and /or are brain dead.

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